Increasing Number of Wives Earning More Than Their Husbands

Between 1979 and 2011, wives' contribution to their family's income has grown from 26% to 37%. While it may sound like a good sign, these values actually stand for a a 11-point percentile growth in 32 years. Or 0.3 points per year. If things continue with this rate, we'll have to wait 43 years before women will contribute to their family income with a 50% share!

Between 1979 and 2011, married couples with both husband and wife earning an income have been the majority (never less than 50%). 

Couples with only wives bringing home the money are still extremely rare. In 2011, they were only 7% of all married couples. And this was also the highest value ever registered in the 1979-2011 period. 

Who Earns in US Married Couples

Wives are however fastly growing as the sole earners among married couples with only one earning member. According to the last available data (2011), in a fourth of the married couples with one earning member, it's only the wife who brings home the bread.

Who's Earning in USA Married Couples with One Earner

In the case of both husband and wife earners, in more and more married couples wives are earning more than their husbands. Back in 1987, this was the case for only 18% of the married couples with both partners working. In 2012, the percentage had almost reached 30%. 

Percentage of Married Couples Where Wives Earn More Than Their Husband (When Both Are Earning)

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