From Washinton D.C. to Louisiana: 

Measuring the Gender and Race Gap throughout the USA

The Gender and Race Pay Gap across the U.S.

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Source: 2013 American Community Survey Data

Minimum Wage and the Gender Pay Gap

It seems that the gender pay gap is lower in states with higher minimum wages. Washington D.C. has the highest minimum hourly wage in the nation ($9.50). And also the lowest pay gap, with women earning 91% of what men earn.

The by-state racial earnings breakdown has interesting outliers. In Idaho, Black/African-American women earn 92% what White non-Hispanic men earn. This value is remarkably high, also considering that, overall, women in Idaho earn only 76% of what men earn (even lower than the national rate of 78%). Nowhere else do Black/African-American women earn such a high percentage. In fact, there is no other state where they earn more than 78%

African American Women's Earnings vs. The Overall Women Pay Gap